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Discover the Real Bush War

Is war inevitable! Are you "for" or "against" military action? What of the UN Security Council? Discover facts about: the Gulf War, US support of Saddam Hussein in the Iraq-Iran War (1980-88), and US involvement with Bin Laden and the "Afghan Jihad" (1979-89). ______________________________ Discover the Real Bush War (Part I) As I sit down and write this article on Tuesday Night February 18, 2003 from my office in Germany, the Bush (or Bush/Blair) War appears inevitable. Why is this? Is it ...
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Find An Enemy

To consolidate and increase failing political power, the first step is to find an enemy. Demonize this enemy in every way possible. Label it unpatriotic to question the evil of this enemy. Then rally around the flag and kick some serious butt. Sound familiar? It certainly should! Subsequent to the horrors of 9/11, those very tactics took a president with a 49% approval rating – the danger point for any smart politician with an eye on history – and launched him to the highest approval ...
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Hollywood - Gone To The Dogs?

There is no question that people in America love dogs. One look at popular culture in our country will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Americans have a love affair with dogs. Movies and TV shows about dogs go in and out of popularity and stories like Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows are considered timeless classics. Only in America, however, do dogs manage to achieve celebrity status. Rin Tin Tin Rin Tin Tin was Hollywood's first recognizable canine star. The German Shepherd was ...
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Dogs and Man

Most authorities agree that dogs were among the first, if not the first, animals domesticated by man. Cave paintings depict dog-like creatures hunting with early man though experts are still skeptical about the actual time this domestication took place. Most indicate the fact that there are no fossil remains yet unearthed that suggest a date earlier than 10,000B.C. for the connection between man and dog. Whatever the actual date, we are in awe of our domesticated friends and sadly unaware of ...
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How to Maintain Your Love Affair ... With Your Dog Part Two -

In part one we talked about forming good behavior traits early. Part two focuses on the types of people you want on your dog's 'team.' Create a Good Team of Advisors □ Find A Great Vet. One of the best ways to find a great vet is to ask for referrals from friends and neighbors. It is best to ask people whose relationship with their dog is similar to yours. The Humane Society of the US notes some other things to keep in mind would be the convenience: are their hours amenable to your ...
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14 Tips for Crate Training Your New Puppy

Your new puppy is arriving and you have heard of crate-training, but are not sure how to make it work for you and your newest addition. From years of experience as a pet-owner, lover and specialist, I have learned some things about crate training that I’d like to share with you. Crate training is wonderful part of an overall family training program if handled correctly. Your puppy will feel secure in his space if you make it a pleasurable experience from the very beginning by following these ...
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The Published Novelist

So what does it actually take to make it as a selling writer? And beyond that, what does it take to ride out the tough spots in a highly competitive field? These are questions I get asked on a regular basis from readers, as well as people who are just plain curious about someone who chooses to sit alone for hours at a time, creating characters and whole lives out of thin air. Admittedly, they're good questions. Following are nine qualities I believe are important in someone who wants to write ...
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Whatever It Takes!

Whatever it Takes! I have a sign on my office door. It pretty much summarizes my philosophy of life. The sign simply says…..”Whatever it takes.” Short. Simple. To the Point. •Whatever it takes,” means exactly that. That I will do •whatever it takes” to get what I really want. It is the best description that I have ever been able to come up with to summarize the entrepreneurial experience. Decision. Commitment. Result. Something I pretty much had ingrained into my ...
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Reflect Upon Your Harvest at Thanksgiving

I don't know about you, but at this time of year I always think of work. It’s harvest time. Because of the years I spent in the MidWest, I was around people who were harvesting produce, bringing in the crop for the year. The quirks of nature notwithstanding, they would be reaping what they had sown. The result of their work was visible, and commensurate to the amount of effort and care they had put into it. They also had an ending. The crop that had been planted was now being harvested. Then ...
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The Reality of Fairies

No, I have never seen a fairy, an angel, nor any other type of a spirit guide. But I swear there are times I think that if I spun around fast enough they'd be sitting there snickering at me. Today's one of those days. Quite often, I sit up late at night working too many nights in a row. I also have a two year old bouncing off the walls first thing every morning. The combination means I am pretty much doomed to episodes of sleep deprivation every time my inner workaholic takes over. Not a ...
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