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The Biggest Boxing Matches in My Lifetime

The genesis of my boxing love affair began on September 16, 1981 at the tender age of eight. On this memorable night, Sugar Ray Leonard stopped Thomas "The Hit Man" Hearns via TKO after fourteen exhilarating rounds of back-and-forth action. This was the first fight that I ever heard being discussed by my father and his friends; advertised on television, and promoted on billboards and posters on the street. In an era when most big fights could be seen on network or cable television, this fight ...
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The 12 horoscope signs and the art of seduction

Follow the advices and attract the person you desire. The following advices are quite general. You can consult Tarot or psychic for personal questions. To Seduce an Aries Man The type of woman who can attract an Aries man is one that demonstrates a sense of independence and is bold, adventurous, or spontaneous. They'll respect the freedom of a woman like this. They admire strength and courage. Aries men enjoy a challenge, and may find it enjoyable to be seduced by an assertive woman, while ...
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The Best Gifts For Kids To Make Them Love You More Than Santa Claus

Who else are more excited than the children and kids when it comes to Christmas? The excitement comes alive with the Christmas spirit, looking out the frost covered windows, watching the snow blanket cover the ground, pine needle smells and sheer anticipation of the Santa and stockings of gifts and presents. With Christmas and winter signifying time for caring and sharing, giving and living, adults simply cannot help but truly enjoy shopping with these children and kids for the ...
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Car Web Site Owners: Start Your Engines This Way!

Cars! We do love them, don't we? If not for transportation needs, we'd find another reason to continue our love affair with the automobile. Makes you wonder what we did before the internet. How in the world did we find the information we needed about cars, trucks and jeeps? Thankfully, now we can access whatever we want to know about anything automotive, in a matter of minutes. Have you taken a look at all the websites that are automotive-related? Not to mention the blogs! Mercy... Car ...
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How to Survive an Affair

An affair is something that can devastate a marriage, and tear two people who where once so very close apart. It is truly one of the most painful things that can happen to a couple. But you're not alone - more than half of spouses experience infidelity. A very large percentage of woman and men are forced into excruciating mental pain. But many relationships can survive this painful act, and become stronger - it truly depends on if you can ever trust each other again, and love like you once ...
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Significance of the "First Meeting Chart"

As an astrologer and clairvoyant for over thirty years, I am always looking for new ways to predict the outcome of events for my clients, whether it be psychically or through astrology. Most people who contact me for a consultation have a particular issue in mind, and need to see a clear picture of what may transpire in the future. This often involves a job , a relationship issue, or a new boyfriend or girlfriend the client is curious about. The traditional way of looking at the relationship ...
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This super information highway has made a channel for billions of people to find their love. Internet love affairs though pose few problems and challenges along with some ambiguity but if given proper endeavor, it can turn out to be a success. Keeping your conversations limited to only emails, instant messaging and phone calls is a bit hard to make a relation last longer.There are some love tactics to get going the internet love affairs especially distant ones. If you go and throw a proposal ...
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Designer Discount Shoes

Designer Discount Shoes There is a love affair between women and shoes. About one in two women owns more than 30 pairs of shoes - with 8% having more than 100 pairs in their wardrobes. One in 10 women admits spending more than $1,000 on shoes in the past year. Shoes do more than change your outfits look. It can change your whole persona and can easily give you a new outlook. Designer shoes are an exclusive part of your personality. Shoes used to be a practical part of your day and now the right ...
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How to Find Weaknesses in Your Script

The new screenwriter tends to have a love affair with is/her "baby." He's married to every word and nuance he's carefully scripted onto each page. Often, it reads more like a novel than a screenplay and usually it needs a serious rewrite. It's time to get a divorce. You must not be afraid to hack, chisel or cut-out ANYTHING that does not serve to push the story forward. Sooner or later, you'll write a scene that is just plain good. You're in love again and all is right with the world. Finally, ...
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I'm Just The Writer

Writers are often are greatly surprised or disappointed by how their work is changed when it is adapted for the big screen. When Irwin Shaw's World War II novel The Young Lions was shot in Paris in 1958, the Nazi character was played by Marlon Brando. Ever the method actor, Brando provoked an uproar by strutting around town in his SS uniform, even going into restaurants to dine. The thirty three year old star was unsure if the Parisians ripping his clothes were doing it out of adulation or ...
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