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Infidelity in Relationships: What to Do if in the Case of an Affair

If your relationship has recently suffered an infidelity, either by you or your spouse/partner, you are currently facing a lot of questions - and likely also a lot of pain. That's because, whether you are the cheater or the one being cheated on, infidelity in relationships is a sign that the relationship is facing some serious problems. One day soon, both you and your partner will have to face the issues in your relationship. It is not healthy or advisable to continue an affair for a prolonged ...
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The Ford Transit: The King of Vans

In the world of light commercial vehicles there is one model that has proved to be so popular that it has entered the lexicon as a description for itself. The Ford Transit has been part of the British way of life for over 40 years now, so it's testament to Ford's technical and engineering knowhow that they are still developing it, refining it and making it interesting, even now. Vans are never going to be overwhelmingly exciting or provide unforgettable driving experiences, but there is ...
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Earn Cash, Make Friends, and Travel Australia

Aboriginal legends tell the story of the great Rainbow Snake that winds its way through the waterways of Australia. The story creates a common bond among the first Australians and has wound its way into the hearts of modern citizens. No other nation on earth can boast about being an island and a continent at the same time. The land down under was home to humans over 50,000 years ago. Their descendents share a land of contrasts with descendents of immigrants from Europe, Africa, and Asia. ...
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How to Win Back Lost Love for Women - Emergency Plan for Impossible Situations

How to Win Back Lost Love For Women - Emergency Plan For Impossible Situations Do you know when polled what the majority of men say to therapists after a break up or divorce?  The reason they give for why they left a relationship or had an affair? After helping hundreds of women win their boyfriend's back and bringing hundreds of husband's back home, I can say that if I had to come up with one 'emergency plan', it would be based on this one revealing answer. Here's the reason men give more ...
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5 Ways to Get My Ex Back Sooner - How to Get Back With My Ex

5 Ways to Get My Ex Back Sooner - How to Get Back With My Ex Relationships are delicate and need nurturing to be able to be built up. Proper maintenance is essential to the success of any relationship and yours is no different. To keep a healthy and vibrant relationship going for years, it takes hard work. Don't think for a moment that you are just going to get together and that is it. It does not work like that. Just like how you have to water a plant to make sure it grows healthy, it is the ...
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The Love Goddess - Rita Hayworth

Margarita Carmen Cansino, better known as Rita Hayworth was on stage from the age of six as part of the family vaudeville troupe named The Cansinos. She attracted the attention of Fox Studios and was signed by them at the tender age of sixteen. It was a lacklustre beginning as she was cast in minor roles in B-movies, however Columbia Pictures signed her in 1937, remaking her into an all American beauty and calling her Rita Hayworth. Her break through came in Howard Hawks’ Only Angels Have ...
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How to End an Affair: 5 Tips

Being involved in an affair can force you to go through a rollercoaster of emotions, from the passion you feel for your lover to the piercing guilt that comes from being unfaithful to the person you are lying to. You might even feel the occasional thrill or adrenaline rush that can come from doing something that is "wrong" by societal standards. Trouble is, you know it cannot last forever. Being in an affair is like living in a situation of controlled chaos - both exciting and ultimately ...
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Ending an Affair: What to Do, What to Avoid

Having an affair can be life-changing - and usually not for the better. Sure, there is the initial thrill of having a new lover and even the brief excitement of doing something "naughty." But, having an affair is almost sure to end unhappily for all involved. Of course, your affair can hurt the person you are cheating on, even if they are not aware of what is going on. Why? Because the emotional and sexual energy you divert from them to your new lover means you are depriving them of what you ...
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Pithy Prose: the Wit & Wisdom of Robert Frost

by Philip Yaffe Part 12 of an occasional series I am a collector of quotations. I have been ever since I learned how to write, I mean professionally, not in primary school. I am particularly fond of what I like to call "pithy prose". These short quotations can cover an unlimited variety of subjects: love, religion, politics, human nature, etc. What unites them is their ability to say more in one or two sentences than could be expressed in a thousand-word treatise. It's like being able to pour ...
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I Love Touring Paris - the Historic Eighteenth Arrondissement

The 18th arrondissement of northern Paris is located on the Right Bank of the Seine River. Its land area is about 2.3 square miles (a sliver over six square kilometers). The population is one hundred eighty five thousand and the area is home to about seventy thousand jobs. The distinctive Moulin Rouge (Red Mill or windmill) is the central highlight of this historic district. It is one of the world's best-known nightclubs or to use the French term, cabaret. The Moulin Rouge was built in 1889 by ...
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